In this blog you will find new ideas and novel designs. These are presented to help solve what are some of the most urgent problems of today, especially those related to the environment. Some of the proposals presented here point to help solve the problems of desertification, water scarcity, wild fires, mosquitoes transmitted diseases, health, pollution, transportation and others.  For each of these topics you will find a brief explanation to introduce you in the area with references for a more deep understanding. At the end of each explanation there is a link to a pdf file where you will find the presented proposal.  

Feel free to use, test, build or apply these proposals to solve a problem that you or your community may have. The only thing you cannot do with these ideas or designs is to patent them, because they are already published here, and therefore are no longer original in the sense that the author had the idea and the priority that gives the publication. 

Climate Change


Water Resources

Wild Fires

Waste Processing


Food Production

Clean Energy

CO2 Capture


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